About Us

WYRE is a mobile device software company founded by Purdue alumni with the main purpose to improve students’ academic lives in Universities.

UPrint is a flagship application from the company that is designed to facilitate students’ daily printing from printers operated by the university. The problem we are trying to reconcile is the consistent conflicts between college students and the access to the school printing resources. The App we have developed now reduces the waiting time for students to get printouts from printers all over the campus. UPrint won the third place in Boiler startup competition in 2015.

All education facilities across the USA, foreign countries in the future are our targeted market. There are 4000+ colleges in U.S. and it is excluding facilities such as Ivy Tech and Phoenix University, the potential use of such services can be huge. Our existing product, UPrint, is currently having over 3500+ users at Purdue without even doing massive promotion and marketing